Michał Buczko


I had an opportunity to start my IT journey as a Software Tester. Since then in the last 15 years my „Business as Usual” was varied and exciting. I had the opportunity to work as Test Engineer, Test Manager and a Test Consultant. Around 10 years ago I started my self-build company where I am the advocate for efficient testing. I give my insights in design of the test harness and solutions for customer cases, the definition of the scope of testing and work for multiple Scrum Teams in many industries. My focus is to be responsible for sharing „new-fancy stuff” with others. The goal is to help people grow as individuals and quality grow in projects. I am involved in various activities including testing, consulting, requirements analysis, now I took a step inside the industrialization domain with Quality Management responsibilities. Where I build Quality Management frameworks, metrics, KPIs and processes for coordinating quality across projects and products.



Panel dyskusyjny – Discussion panel

KPIs vs Metrics vs statistic – how to measure for decisions not for numbers
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How to build KPIs and metrics for projects? How to measure quality levels and enable decisions instead of just collecting numbers and statistics? In this workshop I would like us to share and criticize possible Quality Management metrics for the Software project to build a playbook of best practices. In many of the companies I joined, many projects were treated individually, but it was hard to measure, compare between them to see where Quality could be improved and which project could be used as example.
Often the proposed company or business unit wide metrics were forgotten after a few months treated as statistics that nobody uses, not a quality metric that enables any decision making or something. In between the popularity of agile practices and scrum/kanban frameworks do not use such Quality metrics but prefer project delivery related metrics that are focused more on product ownership and development roles than testers and verification.

In the workshop I want to give a space where each of us could indicate metrics that we use, and if there is a benefit or statistic only behind it? We can discuss how many of them we think are good directions, or a bad practice. Bested on the outcomes of the discussion we can build a playbook of recommendations or options for further experimentation.

Why is it a topic for You? I know that currently the startup vs industrialization approach is covered in 70-80% by the first group, however many of them are moving to the direction of the 2nd one. Mature solutions used by thousands and even millions of customers are slowly moving to the process oriented delivery approach and metrics. Why not prepare in advance by learning from industrialization and industrial projects like home appliances or automotive where processes and metrics are required and very popular. I would invite You to also bring the startup mindset to enable additional points of view.
I believe we can build a playbook of metrics that are beneficial in both worlds and would be beneficial to all of us.