Nikolaj Tolkaciov


Because I’m lazy and easily bored, I tend to automate everything I can, if I need to do something twice that is a good indication that something
is off. My automation experience suit includes mobile, gherkin, web, C#, Java, JavaScript, C++, Ruby, and multiple frameworks. I do coding and
“DevOps’ing” too because I gain most of the value not deep-diving into one framework or discipline, but generalizing in the whole spectrum of
software engineering. This generalist point of view allows me to see some issues from different angles and come up with more solutions to solve problems.


Panel dyskusyjny – Discussion panel

Full-stack Test Automation
Add the event to Google Calendar

It is natural for the engineer to split automation responsibilities and take ownership of a single layer, but what would happen if we approached test automation as a full stack? By applying the bug filter idea to test automation, we can reduce duplication of automation coverage and create an efficient automation strategy. I will also share how we implemented this approach for the in-flight project.