Michał Buczko

My „Business as Usual” is varied and exciting. I am part of a Dev feature team in NewVoiceMedia home where I am the advocate for great and efficient testing. I give my insight in design of the features, the definition of the scope of testing and work with Developers to create automated tests for our Continuous Integration and Delivery platform. I try to be responsible for sharing „new-fancy stuff” with others and helping people grow as individuals. I am involved in various activities including testing, security, business analysis and more recently has taken a step into the world of the Product Owner.

I am a tester now – building Your own career model

Opis prezentacji (Summary): I want to present possible ways to grow as tester, to build individual career path. Show a potential list of requirements and expectations from industry or company to enable jump to deeper waters on both technical or business directions.
I plan to prove to the audience that there is a lot more in the world than a path from manual tester to automation tester. During my career path I was a Tester, QA Lead or Consultant in over 10 organizations and want to share my point of view on their delivered career paths and how people used it or changed their approach to make even greater success. My goal is to give the audience the objectives to define their individual short-term and long-term plans that would enable them to build their own career plan.
Język prezentacji (Presentation language): both – depending on audience, if there will be slides, there will be in English.
Poziom słuchaczy (attendee level): wszyscy (all)