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API testing journey through web protocols.

HTTP methods. Response codes. Endpoints. JSON. Request-response. Those are the most common buzzwords when we think about API testing. But it’s far from true and fully suited only to REST. According to the 2023 State of the API Report, there are currently 5 well-adopted API architectural styles: REST, Webhooks, GraphQL, SOAP, and WebSockets – all of them with over 25% of usage across companies around the globe. What’s most interesting, in recent years only REST and SOAP’s popularity slips down while others grow. Unfortunately, except for REST, we often miss the general knowledge about what the other API styles are about or even their existence. Let’s change that!

We’ll go through the key concepts of every API from a testing perspective. What’s important to verify, where to put more focus, and finally, where we don’t have to take care at all. One of the best examples is HTTP methods – the favorite question of many recruiters asking about API testing. The only problem with this question – it’s almost not at all relevant to any protocol other than REST… Endpoints, response codes, and others can differ in very similar ways.

To properly structure our journey we’ll not only make an overview of web protocols. On the final station, we will visualize a comparison with all similarities and differences to keep our memories for longer.

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