About conference

The main idea behind the test:fest conference was to create a platform where we can learn something new, meet people and discuss interesting quality related topics. For us as professionals it is a time in a year where we can ask each other how testing look like in other organizations, learn something new and think how we can do better.

We would not be able to do this without the people who support us in organizing this event:

  • Sponsors that support our Conference 
  • Speakers that share their knowledge and expertise
  • Organizers and volunteers that help us before, during and after conference and share our passion

Above all, there wouldn't be test:fest conference without you - without participants who come with minds open ready to talk and share experiences and knowledge with other participants of this event.

See you in February!

Call for papers

Call for papers

Rozpoczęliśmy przygotowania do test:fest 2019 i w związku z tym rozpoczynamy call for papers.
Jeżeli macie pomysł a nie zdążyliście zgłosić go na inne konferencje zawsze możecie już wypełnić formularz.

Formularz zgłoszeniowy