We started organizing 4th edition of the test:fest 2018 conference. This event is free of charge for the participants. It is held on Saturday so everyone can join, learn something new and meet new exciting people.
Our conference cannot be successful without volunteer speakers that share their knowledge and expertise with software quality communities.

  • To become a speaker please fill our google form – Call for Papers form
  • Deadline for submissions is December 18th 2017

Speakers have option to participate in Public Speaking Workshops in Wroclaw, Poland, about one month before the conference. Before that you will get a script on how to prepare to your presentation.
After the workshops you can practice your lecture with us and other speakers. We are also organizing feedback sessions so you can improve your skills and content of your speech.
People who participate in Public Speaking Workshops are better prepared and receive very positive and higher feedback from the audience.

Our conference is free of charge due to that we can’t reimburse travel or accommodation costs but if your company is willing to share that cost we can list it as our Partner/Sponsor.

If you have any questions or need help please contact us via email – kontakt@testfest.pl