Organizing commitee test:fest 2018:

Marta Firlej

Marta Firlej started her journey with software testing in 2006. During her work she is focused on the product, the process and the team. She is engaged in quality assurance with a particular emphasis on the usability testing, functional testing and the test management. She had the opportunity to not only build and develop testing teams, but also work with customers to create, develop and design software.
The initiator of Testing Conference Test:Fest in Wroclaw. Member of the committee of judges in Polish TesingCup Chapionships in 2013 and 2014.
Besides working, she is traveling, cooking and cycling.



Anna Kovalchuk








Tomasz Olszewski








Mateusz Holewski








Dariusz Olszewski








Volunteers of test:fest 2018:

  • Katarzyna Kusiak
  • Joanna Ardeli
  • Aleksandra Kornecka
  • Ewa Knie
  • Iwona Marusik
  • Katarzyna Chumieja
  • Łukasz Pietrucha
  • Mateusz Gomoła
  • Marcin Towcik
  • Piotr Kuryłowicz
  • Oleksandr Duka
  • Michał Szczegielniak