Anna Pacia

Ania is a Jagiellonian University graduate in English Studies and International Management. She started her professional career at the financial corporation, where she learnt the intricacies of big business. After two years, she decided to try the unknown and now she is eagerly exploring the world of IT through the eyes of Scrum and Agile.
Currently, she leads a team of product database administrators who manage ERP system of the international distributor of IT products. After hours, she helps organize open space meetups and conference. She fully agrees with the statement that lack of communication leads to frustration, that’s why she greatly values Agile transparency, both in her professional and private life.
Her friends call her a typical “Polish Mother”. She is a huge fan of Minions and Robert Lewandowski.

Bring your problem, share your idea (a.k.a report an issue, provide a quick fix)

Bored with one-man show speeches?
Tired of too academic-like workshops?
Craving for open QA discussions in an easy-going atmosphere?
Welcome to OpenTest unconference!
This is not a conference speech. Neither workshop. It isn’t panel discussion either. Neither seminary nor a live demo.
This is unconference – a participant-driven meeting where knowledge transfer, problem-solving, experience sharing, and relationship building take place at the same time and space.
Is there any „testing” problem that gives you sleepless nights and you yearn for a smart solution?
Have you come up with a fancy quick fix to an „IT issue” and you want to enlighten others?
Or maybe you feel like talking about a testing world in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere?
If your answer to any of these questions is „yes”, come to our unconference and experience brainstorming synergy firsthand.

The meeting will be held in the Open Space Technology format – first we will create agenda from the topics raised by you, then we will self-organize into discussion circles during two half an hour sessions and talk, talk, talk… 🙂

Język prezentacji (Presentation language): Polski & English
Poziom słuchaczy (attendee level): wszyscy (all)