Michał Buczko

I am the advocate for great and efficient testing with 8 years of experience. I constantly look for chances to expand my knowledge to be able to improve all everyday stuff. I feel responsible for taking my self-learning seriously, sharing “new-fancy stuff” with others and helping team members grow as individuals.  Recently I restarted my journey as Test Consultant.

Shift-left nonfunctional testing – Security

One of the hot topics in the last seasons of the testing events is „Shift-left testing”. However, it is often focused on slogans like „The Developers should test” or limited only to the functional testing. In my presentation I would like to enhance the „Shift-left” philosophy by including non-functional testing. It will be based on security testing as an example. I want to encourage Testers to work with Developers and Project Managers on the „shifting-left” security verification no matter whether it is a product organization or a project delivery inside a software house. The focus is to build an entry point security validation inside the code implementation together with developers. Using multiple examples of tools for static code analysis, code scanners and security scanners I will try to define a role of a tester in helping the developers focus on security perspective. That builds confidence of the delivery team about the solution quality before external security team gets involved at a later stage of the delivery. It is also a set of opportunities how and where a tester can start building their security validation competences. Let’s move security scanning inside the development process !

Język prezentacji (Presentation language): English
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