Senior Software Test Automation Engineer at EPAM Systems with 7 years of experience as a QA engineer. 

In both his personal and professional life, Artem is passionate about improving everything around him, from appliances through products to processes.

Workshop organized by epam – Bad best practices

In this workshop, attendees will learn how to predict detect and work around exceptions of the best practices of testing and development. Armed with generic rules and concrete examples they will be put in a situation where they would need to spot malpractice and find a solution to it.Agenda:

  1. Greeting + introduction
  2. Discussion about unforeseen consequences of best practices
  3. Theoretical part
  4. The main part (attendees divided into teams trying to optimize their processes)
  5. Retrospective + experience sharing
Język prezentacji (Presentation language): angielski(English)
Poziom słuchaczy (attendee level): wszyscy(all)