An experienced engineer, manager and leader. Worked in multiple industries in small, medium, large and startup environments. A strong believer that software is actually Peopleware. Likes to challenge the status quo and prefers direct 'no-bullshit’ communication methods. An accomplished coach, who tasted an adventure into both personal, life and business coaching/mentoring, as well as business transformation coaching and mentoring. A software developer at heart, but worked as a QA engineer, test manager, project manager, delivery manager and more. Currently working at Zoopla.co.uk, re-defining the property market, aiming to build the best information technology practices and services. Personally a fan of magic the gathering, board games, role-playing games, psychology, real evidence-based science, books worth to read and European comics. Married with children. Owned by 3 cats.

Key points in applying effective quality assurance strategies to legacy enterprise applications.

Bored of your organization? Not feeling empowered? Believe me, you can change your organization, … well by changing your organization. Speak up and open yourself to the unknown.

The presentation is about the fact change is possible anywhere, no matter the odds. You just have to believe and open yourself to the transformation magic. The presentation documents the efforts of great and motivated 100+ individuals to get things better. Better in sense – getting from long, manual, heavy to quick, light and automated.

Following Tom De Marco (one of my favourite authors and creator of the term – Peopleware), I’d like to quote Niccollo Machiavelli here: „It must be remembered that there is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to manage, than the creation of a new system.”

If you’d like to know how to do it, join my session.

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