Viktor Ianchak

I’m Quality Management office director at SoftServe. QA/QC professional with strong IT outsourcing background, being involved as a QA Engineer/Lead into dozens of projects of different complexity, size and orientation: from simple web projects to complex projects that included all types of testing activities: from manual testing to test automation and complicated load and stress testing. I’m experienced with all activities during projects life cycle – from pre-sales and planning, to test closure As a QA consultant I help companies evaluate testing process, identify risks and gaps and build plans to overcome challenges and build productive and predictable testing process. Also I’m experienced with development of test strategies and setting up testing process at new companies or those who grow fast and need to revise the whole development model.

Approaching Quality in digital era

Digital transformation – application of digital technologies to almost every aspect of our everyday life. This is not only change in the technologies we use but more in the way we are used to work and live, in product, company and business ecosystem. Someone says that digitization means going “paperless”. In any ways this is a tremendous disruption that requires special attention in order to perform it with the highest possible level of quality. And what is more important once you’ve started transformation, you can’t stop because you need to stay up-to-date to meet updated clients expectations. My lecture is a guide on how and what to apply in order to make sure that nothing important is missed and even large amount of changes won’t led to decrease of quality of your products.
Język prezentacji (Presentation language): English
Poziom słuchaczy (attendee level): średniozaawansowany (intermediate) /doświadczony (senior)