Dawid Pacia

Who am I?
I’m an open-minded QA/CI Lead with 5+ years of professional experience (including last 3 years in the embedded area) always capable to take up new challenges. Previously working and still developing as a forward-thinking Scrum Master to improve people, as well as the quality of products. I spend my whole life in Poland including last 10 years in Kraków. I was working in big corporations as well as in a start-up (mostly if IoT and BLE area). I moved to Kiev to build first ever „Internet of Pets” test environment. Testing while connecting HW/FW/SF I see as the most challenging and exciting part of QA world. Fan of the Agile approach to project management and products. Personally, I’m a tech freak incurably addicted to following new technologies. At the free time, I like to share knowledge at the stage (especially networking part :)) as being one of the speakers (it gives much more adrenaline than rollercoaster). I believe the time devoted to sharing knowledge and ideas enormously increases the chances for success. Organizer and originator of first regular Ukrainian QA meetup „UkrainQA”

What do I do?
„Fight for quality” and improving SDLC

Where can you find me?
Linkedin, Facebook, e-mail or beer table : )

What I like?
#cofeeWithPeople, #newTechnologies, #DiscworldWorld, #sharingKnowlege, #boardGames, #craftBeers, #classicVinyls, #usuallyMyWife

What you should know before you touch my Hardware

Nowadays, with the rapid growth of smart devices (Smart Home, Internet of Things, Wearables), the demand for specialists taking care of the product quality rises as well. It is predicted that by 2025, the number of smart and IoT devices will increase 8 times. Similar growth is expected in the area of web and mobile applications for embedded systems.

Do you think it is possible to implement some well-known approaches (e.g. BDD, CI) in the world of bits and bytes? Can you estimate what the most risky areas for HW/FW related products are? Are you really sure of being embedded independent while testing standalone mobile app? I will describe the specific approach which may be adopted while testing new devices, and discuss untypical problems you can encounter during your testing struggles. I will also show why and how to implement a multi-node system (HW/FW/SW) in the environment of continuous integration. By this presentation, I will help you to understand what are the biggest risks and challenges in the embedded world and finally how to prioritize and predict them before you get completely lost…

Poziom słuchaczy (attendee level): wszyscy (all)
Język prezentacji (Presentation language): polski i angielski (Polish and English)