Erik Hörömpöli

This is Erik from Budapest, Hungary, although I grew up in the countryside. After finishing sociology studies I pretty much fell into software testing not even knowing that the profession exists. After about a year I found the international software testing community and I’m hooked ever since, went to conferences, talked on local meetups. I’m on twitter (@erikhun), write a blog on testing and help organizing a local testing meetup (PalinQA).
My first job was in consumer finance, now it’s service management, currently enjoying working at this company because they give us a lot of freedom in what we do.

I’m more on the softer side of the software development, not so much into coding, but like to bring people together and like the area where software meets human, I invite all sorts of people to test with me and the team. I’m also practicing facilitation of mob-testing and mob-programming for example.

Why you should share what you’ve got – telling tales of testing

Opis prezentacji (Summary): As my company is growing – currently at 15 scrum teams in 3 countries – we are facing the challenge of testers sitting in these teams not talking to each other too much. My session is about why and how we are tackling this, what do we do and who is there.
We tackle this, because experiences and mistakes of a team is best used if widely shared across the department. To facilitate this we have local and international, weekly, monthly and annual open-for-all meetups where we share hands-on experiences or experiment with new ideas.

I’d tell the stories of these meetups, how they are being formed (our job is never done), what are their pitfalls and especially give practical examples of what can be and what can not really be shared on these.

My 3 main points that participants will take away:
– the realization that software development is anecdotal (as in: no control grouped research is being done) so that storytelling is fundamental for improvement and not repeating mistakes.
– the ebb&flow of enthusiasm: from time to time one doesn’t feel enthusiastic about work. By having a sense of community and eager people around, one can bounce back quicker.
– just by preparing to share, to teach one inevitably learns. By trying to articulate an idea makes the understanding deeper.
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