Hugh is an experienced test professional, working in differing testing and test automation leadership roles. He is currently working as a Test Lead with Glofox. He has been the organizer of the Belfast Testing and Automation meetup since 2013, and has previously been a co-organizer of the Belfast Testing Clinic.


Getting your automated tests in the pipeline

According to the DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA), high-performing organizations release multiple times per day with a lower change failure rate; test automation can be a key component in achieving these twin aims. How do we go about introducing automated tests to a CI/CD pipeline that will provide the right level of test coverage while also not impacting throughput?

Two years ago, we were already releasing multiple times per day but were missing this valuable test coverage; now we have developer-friendly test automation that supports the twin aims above. However, we can have problems when adding tests to a pipeline – including the potential for being flaky, hard to understand, slow, and untrustworthy.

Join me as I discuss the steps and approaches taken to get the tests included, anticipating problems such as these and how they were addressed so that you too can have quick, reliable test automation in your pipeline