Emna Ayadi

Emna is an Agile Quality Coach from Tunisia and currently she works at Sogeti France. She started her career in Tech in 2015 with a focus on software quality and testing. She’s also an international speaker and workshop facilitator, having spoken at various Testing and Agile conferences and a contributor to two books. Outside of work, travelling is her favorite pastime.

You can check her latest adventures and learnings via #ExploreWithEmna


Getting to know, the unknown, unknowns of Quality Coaching

Although I was extremely motivated while moving from a test lead to a quality coach role, I thought that my experience in testing and my skills as facilitator, and mentor were sufficient to embark into this role, but it was much more challenging than I had expected.As a quality coach for many teams, I find myself dealing with agile related problems, testing issues, devops obstacles that were not visible to me when I was a member of one team. I failed for example to clarify and challenge management expectations while improving test coverage for the products under test. I learned that understanding the desired level of details and making it clear to the team I’m supporting is essential before starting coaching. Besides that I found it hard to master my new role and was it hard to provide visible results in a short period of time. Although I learnt how to make team members aware of why we need these quality improvement actions and I helped them prioritize their backlog ..). In a few months I learned a lot in my new role. In this session, I want to share what I am doing as a quality coach, the struggles that I faced and what I will do differently next time.I will inform you about my strategies to avoid those difficulties before they occur. Besides that, I still see new challenges in my role coming up such as dealing with remote teams that have different backgrounds, coaching in the age of AI, etc.. all kinds of topics that could be a trigger for more discussion while leaving the room.

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